Helix Trident - Green CCW (14mm-)

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Helix Trident AEG Barrel Extension - Green Color with Counter Clockwise (14mm-) Threading.

Comes with 2x O-rings for tightening the barrel extension to the desired position without causing damage to threading or gun. 


  • CNC aluminum construction
  • Hard anodized finish
  • Sleek profile allows you to mount this extension inside a standard RIS and many other rail options
  • Lightweight (6.8oz)
  • Rugged construction: Solid piece of aluminum with cross beams for support
  • Can be combined with other color caps/lugs to mix and match
  • Length: 9in (22.86cm), Width: 1.2in (3.05cm), Height: 1.5in (3.81cm)
  • Trademarked by Helix Airsoft, LLC (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Inlaid threading for matching up with a multitude of platforms (visit our forum or Facebook page to see Helix Tridents mounted on different systems because they look great on everything)
  • Works with most 14mm adapters and inlaid threads help mitigate seeing the additional barrel attachment
  • Center-bore thread placement allows mounting on almost any AEG model. Please note that 14mm CCW versions are also available (most AEG threading is 14mm CCW if you don't know what kind of threading your platform has please use the Helix Forum our airsmiths respond quickly)
*Helix Tridents are limited in quantity.