Helix Trident - Alter Sword Edition CCW (14mm-)

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Helix Trident AEG Barrel Extension - FBO Alter Sword Deep Engraved/Anodized Counter Clockwise (14mm-) Threading.

**THE MODEL PICTURED IS THE EXACT ONE YOU WILL RECEIVE. Water transfer models are one of a kind, but must pass Helix QC in order to be released.

Comes with 2x O-rings for tightening the barrel extension to the desired position without causing damage to threading or gun. 


  • CNC aluminum construction
  • Water transfer edition
  • Sleek profile allows you to mount this extension inside a standard RIS and many other rail options
  • Lightweight (6.8oz)
  • Rugged construction: Solid piece of aluminum with cross beams for support
  • Can be combined with other color caps/lugs to mix and match
  • Length: 9in (22.86cm), Width: 1.2in (3.05cm), Height: 1.5in (3.81cm)
  • Trademarked by Helix Airsoft, LLC (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Inlaid threading for matching up with a multitude of platforms (visit our forum or Facebook page to see Helix Tridents mounted on different systems because they look great on everything)
  • Works with most 14mm adapters and inlaid threads help mitigate seeing the additional barrel attachment
  • Center-bore thread placement allows mounting on almost any AEG model. Please note that 14mm CW versions are also available (G&P, etc). 
*Helix Tridents are limited in quantity.