Helix Axem 12" KV Rail Multicam Black

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12" KV Rail System. Fit for both AEG and GBB models. Comes with mounting gear.


- CNC 6061 + Water Transfer One-Of-A-Kind

- Laser Engraved Helix Axem markings 

- Helix Trident integrates with this system, along with most centerbore-axis suppressors. Both the Trident and Trident Micro will clear the rail on AEG/GBB.

- Lightweight and durable: 6.7oz total weight

- 12 inch total length, 5.7 inches in front of gun 

- Rail inner width (for suppressor clearance) is 1.7" x 1.7" (Helix Tridents are 1.2" x 1.6")

*Please note that you will need a 16mm+ to 14mm- thread adapter if mounting to a GBB model. 

*The lower picatinny rail will need to be removed on your Vector before mounting. This is fairly simple with both AEG and GBB models. The Axem will then slide onto your gun and match up perfectly with your existing screw holes. 


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