Helix Alium Foregrip - Multicam Hydro Dip

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The Helix Alium Foregrip - One-Of-A-King Water Transfer Version (Multicam Pattern)

*Hydro dipping is an expensive process hence this version being twice the price of a regular Alium. Each side must be dipped independently you are purchasing a truly unique piece of hardware with this particular grip. 

The Helix Alium is a multi-handhold grip. It can be used as a tradition vertical grip or with the index finger aligned with the barrel for point shooting, cupped like a handstop with the thumb over the top of the front guard/rail or on the side, and as a carry handle. With 11 inch or longer barrels, the grip can be used to carry the gun safely with the muzzle pointed away from the user and anyone around him/her. The gun can also be flipped to a ready position with ease, and transitioning from flipping to firing grip holds is natural and easy. The Alium will work with most 20mm picatinny mounting platforms.