Helix Alium Foregrip - Day of the Dead

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Helix Alium Foregrip - Day of the Dead hydro dip: THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD! 

The Helix Alium is a multi-handhold grip. It can be used as a tradition vertical grip or with the index finger aligned with the barrel for point shooting, cupped like a handstop with the thumb over the top of the front guard/rail or on the side, and as a carry handle. With 11 inch or longer barrels, the grip can be used to carry the gun safely with the muzzle pointed away from the user and anyone around him/her. The gun can also be flipped to a ready position with ease, and transitioning from flipping to firing grip holds is natural and easy. The Alium will work with most 20mm picatinny mounting platforms.

Helix Alium grips come with rigidity clips that second as bandsaw lines. Split the Alium in half by removed the set screws to expose the various ways this grip can be customized. Helix Airsoft recommends only cutting the Alium grip on these constructive lines and to sand the exposed edges before use. Check out or IG for ideas on how to set yours up!