Refund Policy

Helix Airsoft, LLC, does NOT accept refunds for any items that are not in their unopened, original packaging. We expect educated customers, especially when it comes to specific parts for your platform. Make sure you are shopping responsibly in this particular category of products. If you don't know if something will fit, ask us in the Seller's Instructions box and provide an email address, or submit a question directly to We can reverse your payment and cancel your order if there is a compatibility issue.

Manufacture defects are covered for one week (7 days) from the time of purchase. RMA requests must be placed within this timeframe. ALL guns are tested before being shipped, and packaged in such a way that damage is not likely to occur during the shipping process. If you are concerned about damage to a particular item, please provide recorded evidence of the damage so that we process your return request. Helix Airsoft, LLC airsmiths will inspect items with manufacturer defects to determine warranty eligibility. Any items that have been altered will be determined ineligible for return and customers are responsible for return shipping. Our airsmiths are experienced professionals and inspect all items before they are released from our facility.

Please submit return requests to - we are happy to work with you to get any issues resolved!