About us

Airsoft. Its in our DNA. Helix Airsoft, LLC is owned and operated by lifetime airsoft players. With over 50 years of shooting-industry experience in three founding members, Helix Airsoft is a U.S.-based, one-stop retail shop with emphases in new (and rare) airsoft guns, gear, and accessories/upgrade parts. We offer drop-ship and direct brokering services for retail operations, and our procurement specialists can source one-of-a-kind and one-off items for customers looking for unique products and services. 

Our mission is twofold.

First on the retail side, the airsoft industry in the United States is saturated with the same products on every site: Cutthroat price slashing and overzealous marketing tactics have flooded the market, separating end-users into subgroups that disassociate from one another. Helix Airsoft will offer goods and services unlike those of their online competitors, concentrating on products that are new, rare, and/or designed by our staff.

Secondly on the wholesale side, under handed business practices have created cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all airsoft shopping experiences. 3rd party distributors have also used IP-hoarding (and associated threats of litigation) as a way to control the market. All of these activities are detrimental to the industry as a whole.

Helix Airsoft, LLC will concentrate on mitigating the unnecessary lack of market cohesion and monopolization/exclusivity issues by cutting out 3rd party distributors and shipping product directly from manufacturers. This will translate into better products being manufactured at fairer prices, better PR (both on and off scene), and happy airsofters.

The power houses of the airsoft market are attempting to control majority shares of our industry, however the majority share only belongs to the end-user. Hence our modus operandi: Bring the best products to market at fair prices on our retail site and offer equal footing (and a diverse line of products) for all retailers in regards to wholesale distribution.

Services Provided:

Online Retail Shop

Free installation w/ package purchases

Stippling, fitting, and upgrade services

Integrated forum w/ Helix tech support

  • National forum w/ buy/sell/trade
  • State-by-state event promotion and news
  • Online retailer marketing services
  • National/international airsoft news (also found on retail website)

Retroactive R&D updates for end-user involvement

Wholesale procurement services – drop ship capabilities

End-user procurement services

  • Rare/exotic items can be sourced by utilizing assets in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.


Midwest supplier of Enola Gaye products (WP40, WP40 burst, and EG18X smoke grenades)